Big Xhosa calls A-reece “baby girl” in a diss track

If you have been following twitter trends you probably have come accross Big Xhosa or SOS RSA as he calls himself on YouTube. The young hitmaker made a track called “Ninyile” where he disses all the South African hip hop artists. From the great Casper Nyovest, Nasty C and A-Reece, to upcoming stars like Shane Eagle. In the song he disses the likes of Stogie T and Shane Eagle saying that Shane Eagle isn’t “J-Cole”.

Big Xhosa calls A-reece “baby girl” in the song.

Unexpected to the listeners, Big Xhosa calls A-reece “baby girl” in the diss track called “Ninyile”. Few minutes into the music video, the rapper immediate says “A-reece, izapha baby girl”. This left the twitter community going mad.

Big Xhosa calls A-reece "baby girl" in a diss trackBig Xhosa calls A-reece “baby girl” in a diss track

On twitter however, he is praised for his boldness to take on the hitmakers. Some doubt that A-reece will respond to that since A-reece is not the type to entertain local disses. But, social media is really giving him fame for his boldness. However, he spared AKA of which he is praised for being considerate since AKA is going through rough patch after the death of his fiance Anele Tembe.

Big Xhosa respects Big Zulu

The artist seems to have some deep reverence for Big Zulu infact on his twitter he asked him he could make a song with him. He said in the tweet:

“I really really would love to make a song with Big Zulu… somebody make it happen please”

This shows how much he respects Big Zulu, infact in his diss track Big Xhosa does mention his respect for Big Zulu. Big Zulu is part of the ATM of which Emtee of whom Big Xhosa dissed. Some tweeter users think he has potential of being a good rapper while some actually think he is a good rapper.

Was Nota Baloyi involved in Big Xhosa’s track?

Nota Baloyi and Big Xhosa

Nota Baloyi and Big Xhosa

Others however think he is just a clown seeking attention and is going nowhere. The truth remains however, he has made waves on social media. In the picture above he is seen with the controversial Nota Baloyi who is famous for throwing shade at artists. Nota Baloyi was Kwesta’s manager of whom Kwesta said “he thinks I’m nothing without him” after boastful talks from Nota. Hence, some think that’s where Big Xhosa gets his influence from but that’s probably not such a bad assumption. Considering that Nota is known for praising the likes of Big Zulu over mainstream rappers like Nasty C and A-reece. The same effect we see in Big Xhosa.

Here’s the video where he calls A-reece “baby girl” and disses other SA hip hop artists.

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