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Upile uThixo Bongco biography facts, her age and career. Its Poloko from Scandal.

Upile uThixo Bongco, born – 05 October 1996, age – 25, is a South African Actress, Director, Writer and Vocal Artist. She was born and bred in Port Elizabeth. Upile is well known for her character Poloko on Scandal etv.

Biography profile

Name: Upile uThixo Bongco

Date of birth: 05 October 1996
Age: 25 years old
Occupation: Actor, Director, Writer, Vocal Artist.
Born: in Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Nationality: South African

Lives: Johannesburg

Upile uThixo Bongco personal life and background

Upile uThixo Bongco is a 25 year old South African actress born on 05 October 1996. She was born and bred in Port Elizabeth. Upile is well known for her new character of Poloko on Scandal etv. One fun fact that people dont know about Upile uThixo is that she has fear of Balloons.

Education of Upile uThixo


UThixo Bongco graduated with her BHons in Drama in 2018 and her BA in Drama and Psychology in 2017 at Rhodes University.

Upile uThixo Career

Her acting career dates as far as high school where she used to do houseplays alongside Micayla Eretha Fillis.

In her second year of study at Rhodes university, Upile made her debut to the National Art Festival by performing in Thembela Madliki’s production, Nyanga, which won an award for Best production at the Student Theater Festival in 2016. Her other recent work and performances include a reworking of Reza de Wet’s missing, directed by Michelle Mosalakae and Pumla, a devised work directed by Masixole Heshu in the 2016 Young Directors’ season.

Uthixo Bongco Theatre acting

Uthixo Bongco Theatre acting

Upile uThixo had a leading role on “The Empire Builders”, an audio experience of Boris Vian’s 1959 play. The play was presented by The Market Theatre Lab and the French institute of South Africa (IFAS) performed by Kwasha Theatre Production.

Upile Uthixo is Poloko from Scandal


In March 2021, Upile Uthixo joined Scandal etv as Poloko, the daughter to Mr Mamba (played by Simo Magwaza). She is playing alongside Wandi Molebatsi (Duma from Scandal) who is her brother. Poloko hates Mr Mamba, her father because he was never present in her upbringing so she wants to bring her father down in a poll.


Works directed by Upile uThixo Bongco

Directed works include a reimagination of August Wilson’s Fences, Yael Farber’s Mies Julie and, more recently, Pitso ea Linyonyana (2019).

She has a growing interest in the mental and psychological health of black men and wishes to address such issues through performance and drama therapy.

Upile uThixo’s skills and experience

Upile uthixo Bongco Poloko from Scandal

Upile Bongco

The scandal etv rising star, Upile, is well skilled in report writing, Leadership, Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Acting, Performing Arts, Stage Management, Singing and Poetry.

She has acquired her working experience in acting and directing from KwaSha Theatre Company from February 2020 until today. The theater star was a Drama Teacher at The Diocesan School for Girls (DSG), Grahamstown from January 2019 – May 2019. And she was an Administrative Assistant at UBOM! Eastern Cape Drama Company from March 2017 – Jul 2018.

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Acting profile of Upile uthixo Bongco


Pass or Fail – Support role: Lindi – 2014


The art of facing fear ensemble – DIR:  Rodolfo Garcia Vazquez – 2020

Selling Kisses – DIR – Showed on Popart Festival – 2020

J.Bobs Live! Of Poems! Of Prose of Plays! Ensemble – DIR: Jefferson Tshabalala  2020


Peeling Shadows Lead  – DIR. Joel Leonard – Ramalao Makhene- 2020

Pitso  EA Linonyana  CO-DIR – RHODES UNIVERSITY 2019

Seeing  Red Lead – DIR. Mmatumisang Motsisi – Naf, Drama4life,
Kuwamba Women’s Festival,
Eastern Cape Schools’ Festival  2018–2019

Undibelekile Lead  – Choreo. Yolanda Soji – Rhodes  University-2018

Isiziba (Fences) DIR. Rhodes University  2018

In the Blood  Lead  – DIR. Mmatumisang Motsisi  – Rhodes University  2017

Cult Clit  – Lead – DIR. Mmatumisang  Motsisi – NAF 2017

Welcome  To The Zoo – Suppoort  – DIR. Jake Nathane – NAF 2017

Cold  Wash – Support – Choreo. Mmatumisang  Motsisi –

Death on the cross – Lead– DIR. Ciko Sidzumo – RHODES UNIVERSITY 2016

MISSING LEAD – DIR. Michelle  Mosalakae – RHODES UNIVERSITY 2016

Pumla – Support – DIR. Masixole Heshu – RHODES UNIVERSITY 2016

Nyanga Support  – DIR. Thembelaa Madliki – NAF 2015 – 2016

Hairspray Principle – DIR. Greg Everard – SAVOY THEATRE 2013



TRUFM 2020



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