Musa Ngema biography

Musa Ngema is Mazwi Moroka from Generation

Biography profile

Name: Musa Ngema
Date of birth: 01 August 1986
Age: 34 years old
Occupation: Actor and motivational speaker
Known as: Mazwi Moroka from Generations: the legacy
Nationality: South African
From: Durban, Kwazulu Natal province

Background and education

Musa Ngema, born on August 01, 1986 (age 34 years old), is a South African actor well known as Mazwi Moroka from Generations: the legacy. He was born and bred in Durban, Kwazulu Natal. The Generation star studied drama at Durban University of Technology and acquired a National Diploma in Drama. [1]

In real life, Musa is shy and quiet, he is an introvert but he plays a ruthless character on TV.

Career of Musa Ngema

Musa Ngema is Mazwi Moroka from Generation

Musa Ngema is Mazwi Moroka from Generation

After studying drama at DUT, Musa Ngema had few roles on 7de Laan as Lindile, Rhythm City as Norton and Generations: the Legacy. He has also played Othello in Shakespeare’s Othello, multiple roles in both The Crucible and Animal Farm and the prince in Cinderella and is currently playing Mazwi Moroka on Generations.

Musa Ngema as Mazwi Moroka

Musa Ngema from Generations the Legacy

Mazwi Moroka is a fictional character on Generations: the Legacy portrayed by Musa Ngema. Mazwi was first introduced to viewers as Archie Moroka’s long lost son who has come back to claim what is rightfully his. Unlike his brother Smanga – an original Moroka – who grew up with a silver spoon in the mouth, Mazwi is a kasi man who has turned into an intellectual overnight.

When Mazwi was introduced to viewers, he had morals and values, but these had since changed. His quest for power has turned him into an arrogant person who often gets under people’s skin. Ngema admits that Mazwi has grown to become arrogant because of his background.

“Mazwi grew up poor and suddenly finds himself in a rich and powerful family. This makes him arrogant.
“When you give a poor man money, he can easily become arrogant because he believes that he is untouchable.”
Generations: The Legacy’s storyline has changed, exposing Mazwi’s weaknesses especially to those who want to manipulate him into wrong doings.

“He has this sense of entitlement. He thinks that he is entitled to power and hates those who belittle him.”
“Since he wants to be the chief executive and leader of the Moroka business and clan, he wants to appear decisive,” he says. Ngema’s wish is to see Mazwi losing it all and starting all over again. “Right now he has lost himself. It will be a big lesson if he had to start all over again.” [2]

Musa’s girl friend

Musa Ngema, Moroka from Generation and his girlfriend

Musa Ngema, Moroka from Generation and his girlfriend

Who can ever think that such a handsome man like Musa would lack a lady at an moment in time? Obviously none, and yes, Musa has got a beautiful lady who keeps him shinning and dusted for public appearance. The couple has celebrated a couple of love anniversaries together. On one of Musa’s Instagram post he said, “We have done well mama, the whole world has changed, Society doesn’t care much about matters of the heart anymore, money and social media are the new logical way to claim happiness. Sharing a life with a happy, loving human is all I have ever needed, even though everything has changed you remaina treasure. We have done well my sweatheart. Happy anniversary.” [3]


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