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Busisiwe Shezi, 1 September 1985 (age – 35), is a South African actress and musician well known for playing Sebenzile on Imbewu the seed and for singing Gospel music featured on Joyous Celebrations.

Biography Profile

Busisiwe Mabusi Shezi known as Sebenzile on Imbewu the seed

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Full name: Busisiwe Mabusi Shezi
Date of birth: 1 September 1985
Age: 35 years old
Occupation: Actress and Musician
Known as: Sebenzile from Imbewu the seed
Nationality: South African

Personal life of Busisiwe Shezi

Mabusi Shezi or Sebenzile from Imbewu

Mabusi Shezi

Busisiwe S Mabusi was born on the 1st of September 1985 in South Africa. The Imbewu star has got one son and she is not ashamed to brag about her on Instagram.

Busisiwe’s acting career

Mabusi Shezi or Sebenzile from Imbewu

Mabusi Shezi or Sebenzile from Imbewu

Mabusi Shezi acts as Sebenzile on Imbewu the Seed. The character of Sebenzile the she portrays is a sister to Kamadonsela (portrayed by Brenda Mhlongo). When Kamadonsela went to prison for murder, she left to Sebenzile to take care of her household ( Kamadonsela’s husband and children).

Busisiwe is musician

Mabusi Shezi or Busisiwe Shezi a musician aka Sebenzile on Imbewu

Busisiwe Mabusi is musician

Busisiwe Mabusi  a musician well known for singing on Joyous Celebrations. The joyous celebration singer has made a couple of features and has dropped singles from 2018 through 2019 which include:

I Wanna Thank You – 2019

I’m in Love with You – 2018

Qhubekela Ekujuleni – 2018

Lord I’m Grateful – 2018


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